Elhuyar speech recognition

Based on artificial intelligence and neural networks
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What do we offer?

Cutting-edge transcription technology adaopted to the specific needs of each client, respecting data confidentiality

The most advanced technology

We use the most innovative technology in the field of speech recognition: artificial intelligence, neural networks...


We manage user data securely, guaranteeing confidentiality.

Customised solutions

Our service may be integrated into customers’ applications through API calls or may be installed in clients’ systems.

Bilingual speech recognition

Aditu recognises both Euskera and Spanish.

And soon it will also recognise English and other languages!

Audio and video

Aditu works on:

Audio files

Video files

Links to online audio and video (EITB, RTVE, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram...)

Transcriptions and subtitles

Instant automatic generation of:

Transcription text

Subtitle file (in both VTT and SRT)

Transcription with time stamps for each word (for example, for advanced searches in video).

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Direct transcription from the microphone

You can directly transcribe what you say while talking into the mike.

Likewise, you can use Aditu through API, integrating it into your virtual assistant to subtitle events live, etc.

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Editing interface

You can correct transcriptions or subtitles over the Aditu online editing interface.

Customised solutions

We also offer customised solutions to our clients:

To correct possible transcription and subtitling errors, you can use the services of linguistic quality team of Elhuyar.

Should you also need to translate into other languages, you may subscribe the automatic translation system, or make use of the professional translators team of Elhuyar.

You can integrate our service into your workflow, application, CMS... using our API.

We can also install our speech recognition function into your servers.


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Scopes of application

Aditu speech recognition may be applied to diverse fields

Audiovisual communication and communication media

Documentary or program subtitles

Interview transcriptions or other audio recording transcriptions

Conference or course subtitles, live or for subsequent publication

Person-machine interaction

Voice-guided Industry 4.0 machines

Home automation

Dialogue agents and virtual assistants

Call centres and telephone services

Public administration

Municipal plenary records and minutes of other types of meetings

Live subtitling of public sessions (and translation)


Subtitles for the hard of hearing

Dictation systems for persons with motor disabilities

Elhuyar linguistic technologies

The technology used by Aditu was developed at the Elhuyar Foundation R+D department of linguistic technologies.

The purpose of this department is to use linguistic technology and artificial intelligence towards a smart, inclusive multilingual society.

This is an integrated technological unit that works along the lines of automated language processing and artificial intelligence, combining research, development, and technological solutions.

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Here are the outcomes of Aditu



What is shown in these demos is the result of automatic speech recognition with no manual correction, but not in every case can these results be achieved. Learn how to get better transcriptions, or try it for yourself.


Aditu Subscription Plans

D .5



  • Doakoa

  • 5 minutes
    transcription time

  • 100 MB
    disk space

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K 01

15 € *

(15 € per hour)

  • Ordu bateko kreditua

  • 1 hours
    transcription time

  • 1 GB
    disk space

K 05

60 € *

(12 € per hour)

  • 5 orduko kreditua

  • 5 hours
    transcription time

  • 5 GB
    disk space

K 10

100 € *

(10 € per hour)

  • 10 orduko kreditua

  • 10 hours
    transcription time

  • 10 GB
    disk space


* VAT (21 %) not included in these prices

To subscribe greater transcription volumes or periodic service, please get in touch with us

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