Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question about Aditu service? We have some answers prepared.

The success rate depends on factors such as audio quality, echoes, noise or background music, type of speech, register, whether it is dealing with standard language or a variant, volume, speed… Under optimal conditions, the success rate can exceed 95 % (see demos).

To get the best transcription results, make an effort to have the following characteristics in your recording:

  • A good microphone (directional, eliminating ambient sound, using earphones...)
  • No echo or noise
  • Absence of background music (or with this on a different track)
  • Correct and complete sentences, with no repetitions, corrections or hesitations
  • Formal register
  • Standard language
  • A single speaker
  • Adequate volume, neither too loud nor too soft
  • Proper speed, neither too fast nor too slow

On uploading the file, you can indicate the voice track, if this is separate

Live transcription is more complicated, so sometimes the results can be worse. The best idea is to test it in specific conditions. If it is not absolutely necessary to do it simultaneously, then it is better to record the audio and then transcribe it.

It accepts the most usual audio and video formats, such as WAV, MP3, MP4, MOV, WEBM, etc. You can also record from the website using the microphone on your computer or phone, without having to prepare any file.

For the time being, Aditu recognises Basque and Spanish, as well as bilingual speech (for example, municipal plenary sessions).Not bad, considering how young it is, is it?

In the case of uploaded files, it will depend on the server load, but it will normally take much less time than the duration of the file.

In live transcription from the microphone, Aditu will be transcribing as you talk, so that when the recording stops, the transcription will be ready.

Aditu will provide you with:

  • The transcription in unformatted text.
  • A subtitle file (i.e., the transcription and the time stamps for each sentence or phrase, so that conventional audio or video players or web browsers can understand and display them) in different formats: SRT, VTT, etc.
  • Transcription with time stamps for each word (for example, for advanced searches in video).

Numbers, times, dates, abbreviations, acronyms, capitals, lowercase and punctuation signs ... will be correctly transcribed in all of them.

Yes, the automatic translator Elia lets you translate your transcriptions and subtitles into 6 languages: Basque, Spanish, English, French, Catalonian and Galician.

Once registered, you'll get a free 5-minute time credit.

You can buy more creditvia the website or from your account. If you need more hours or prefer to buy a periodic subscription (a specific number of hours per week or per month), please get in touch with us.

Yes, with nuestra API you can integrate Aditu into your workflow, application, CMS, etc. We also have an API for live transcriptions, which you can integrate into your virtual assistant, use to subtitle live events, etc.

The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed. If you need to work faster, we can install Aditu speech recognition in your servers. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

For any questions not answered in this section, please get in touch with us.